Information for home sellers and listing your home


Listing options that offer flexibility and savings without sacrificing service 

You have a house to sell and you’re looking for a listing program with flexibility that offers you what you want and need to sell your home for the best price in the least amount of time. Today’s sellers are getting more educated and savvy in the process of selling their homes. To accommodate the variety of sellers we offer listing options to meet those needs while saving you money. Call to discuss your needs and give us the opportunity to show you what we can do in helping you to sell your home.



There are many advantages to consider when looking at our options we offer to sell your home.

  • We personally handle your listing and are available 7 days a week for consultation by email or phone. We do not refer your listing to other brokers or networks. We are committed to helping you sell your house for the most amount in as little time as possible while you save on commissions.
  • Your home is listed on the MLS. It is important to be listed in MLS because the statistics show that as much as 90% of homes are sold from exposure through the MLS. MLS or the Multiple Listing Service is where the majority of homes for sale are listed and it is where realtors market and sell properties. It also feeds thousands of other real estate website both locally and nationally that show homes for sale that buyers will search to find a home. It is a powerful tool for Realtors and this accounts for why homes listed in MLS sell faster and for more money.
  • Studies show that homes listed in MLS will get up to 7% more than non-MLS homes for sale. Putting a FSBO sign in front of your home is like advertising you will take less, a lot less because they figure you are not paying any commissions and they want the savings. If the buyers don’t know what your fees are then It’s up to you to decide how much of the savings you want to pass on to the buyer.
  • Your home listed in MLS avoids the constant hounding a seller may get from other realtors trying to get you to list with them because that means you are represented by a broker and they can’t approach you.
  • We provide the use of an electronic lock box that can only be accessed with an electronic key available only to licensed agents. Locks that use codes are not as secure because the code can be passed on to others and you cannot be sure who has the code and access to your home.
  • You get a better set of buyers looking at your home. Homes in MLS will have more people looking with a realtor that most likely has been prequalified with a lender making them more ready willing and able buyers. Otherwise, you will get more investors trying to offer you much less, unqualified buyers that can’t qualify for their own loan.
  • Being in the MLS you have access to the vast number of Realtors to help market and show your property. With the MLS you are effectively putting every agent in the area to work for you. Do you have access to the clients they have? Would you want to have to make time and show to all the potential buyers that would want to see your home?
  • Your home will have access to CSS or Centralized Showing Services that helps you with appointments for showing your home. Most Realtors use CSS to set up and notify sellers of the showings and it saves listing agents and sellers a lot of time and hassle from handling each buyers calls to see your property.
  • With our listings you retain the right to market your house on your own so if you find a buyer without a realtor you have no commissions to pay. If your home does get an offer from a buyer with a realtor and the offer is accepted and goes to closing, you will owe that realtor the commission you agreed to in the listing. When placing a property in the MLS, you advertise a commission to be paid to the selling agent. The commissions are usually around 3% but you will make that decision.
  • With our service you have the right to cancel at any time however any listing fee paid is nonrefundable.

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