New home builders



You have decided to buy a new home from a new home builder in the area and you are in the process of doing your research and looking for that perfect home. We can make this process easier with our convenient links that shows only new built homes listed in MLS on our Search By City pages. We also have an extensive list of new home builders that links to their website so that you can do an initial search in the comfort of your home. Then you can visit the builders that seem to be the most interesting for you. See New Home Builders Gallery
Since you are doing all this leg work to find the perfect home, we can also help you buy giving you up 83% of our commission back to you in our Cash Rebate Program. You are taking the time to look and time is money. For that whatever the commission be it 3% to 6%, we keep 1% and you get the rest.  If the builder is offering a cash bonus separate from the commission, I will split that with you 50/50. Bonus that are non-cash incentives can’t be split. Except for your down payment, the rebate can be used to reduce the amount you need to bring to closing, upgrades, new furniture or anything you like as long as your lender will allow. This can help in situations where you might need the extra cash for closing.
We can offer this Cash Rebate Program anywhere in the state of Texas as most builders will work with realtors and in fact like working with Realtors. We refer a lot of business to them.  Keep in mind that the price of the house will not be reduced because you do not have a realtor.
Why should you use a realtor you may be asking besides the fact that without us, you can’t get the cash rebate? Before I got my Real Estate license I started off as a new home sales consultant and so I am experienced on both sides of the deal with the contracts and the actual home building process. New home sales consultants are there to be fair, courteous, helpful and answer your questions but the bottom line is they work for the builder and represent them not you. You should have someone representing you from contract to closing. Once you have chosen your home builder and community we are here to assist you in the process to help make the experience a smoother more successful experience.
There can be a lot of decisions that need to be made depending on the stage of the home which makes buying a new home different than buying a resale home. Sometimes the decisions you make can cost you money. We are here to help guide you through the process, negotiations on price, upgrades and concessions with the builder along with providing a CMA if there is data available in the community.

To find new home builders in your area see ourNew Home Builders Gallery




The rebates listed above are for clients that want to do all the looking on there own and just want us to get involved once you have picked your builder and new home. However there are those that would like the full service and assistance that a realtor can provided and we would be happy to assist in any way you see fit.


In order to insure that you will receive you cash rebate remember to register on our Client Registration Form with us and let us know about what it is your looking for in your new home. We will sent you the forms you need to print and fillout.

Print,and return your Buyers Representation Agreement. This is our contract and assurance for you to receive the rebate. In order to receive your cash rebate you must be a client of ours.  

Print and take to each new home builder you go to on the first visit the New Home Builder Client Registration form. This is important that you do this so we are registered with the builder so that upon closing we will get the commission. If we dont get the commission you can not receive a cash rebate.