Listing Plans


No matter what you are looking for in a listing program, we offer a variety of listing plans that offer great value and service to meet those needs. Some people have more experience and don't need as much assistance in the sale of there home while others want more full representation. Please review and choose a listing option and payment plan that best fits your needs. Whatever option is chosen, you will save a significant amount of money over listings buy traditional full price 6% brokers.
Plan A - $499 upfront fee at time of listing.
MLS listings with many of the features that you would expect with a 6% commission plan. You pay $499 up front and the commission to the selling agent you decided, we suggest around 3% to keep you competitive with other listings. You may retain the right to market and sell your home yourself. If you find the buyer first you pay 0% commission.
Included in this plan:
  • Your home listed in the MLS or Multiple Listing Service with up to 25 pictures that you supply and a property description you write of up to to 450 characters or less. You may have short descriptions of pictures if you wish to supply them that would appear under each picture. Examples – Large walk in closet, Spacious secondary bedroom.
  • Property Panorama Slideshow.
  • Your home listed on,, and member IDX websites.
  • Your home listing is syndicated so it appears on 100s of websites both local and national as they upload the listings from MLS.
  • We provide for you the services of CSS or Centralized Showing Services to assist you in setting up showing appointments for your convenience.
  • We provide the use of an electronic lock box for secure and easy access for Realtors to show your home so you do not have to be there for each and every showing. This is optional for the seller but requires a refundable $150 deposit.
  • Provide a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis and consultation with the seller to help set a sales price.
  • Professional yard sign.
  • Professional looking Craigslist posting.
  • Access to Contracts and Disclosures relevant to the sale of the home.
  •  Agent support in preparations of these documents 7 days a week by  email.
  • Update your listing when you have changes that you feel are necessary such as price changes or status changes.
  • Accept offers and counter offers from selling agents and present to the seller for the purchase property by fax or email. Also includes communication back to buyers agent if they have one.
  • Once the contract is set and at the title co we are available to assist with any questions on issues that may occur as you deal with the title co and take care of repair issues.
  • The option to cancel listing at any time, listing fee is nonrefundable.
  • We pass along all inquires to you about your property. In the event that a prospective buyer is not currently being represented by a realtor and requests to have such representation, we reserve the right to offer such services to that buyer or refer them to another Realtor.
Plan B - $999 at time of listing for all services in plan A plus additional assistance for the following through to closing which includes:
  • Property website just for your home & flyer creation from that site.
  • Additional Craigslist postings.
  • Assistance with preperation of contracts and forms when the seller finds the buyer. This does not assume representation for the buyer.
  • Assistance with the contract negotiations, we go over the offer in detail, discuss the merits of the offer and help prepare your counter offer if there is to be one until the agreement is made.
  • Scheduling of inspections and appraisers.
  • Monitor inspections and re-inspections and see that they are in compliance within the time frame specified under the terms of the contract.
  • Help with any additional negotiations required included requests for repairs by the buyer during the inspection and option period.
  • Help with monitoring of repair agreements between buyer and seller and assurance of compliance prior to closing  
  • Follow up with the buyer’s lender to see that financing is on tract by the terms of the contract and progressing on time for closing.
  • Make sure that all other terms  of the contract including time frames are in compliance.
  • Delivery of all contract forms to title co. Work with title co to make sure that everything is on track for closing by the date set in the contract. 
  •  Listed until your property is Sold! 
Plan C - $499 at time of listing and 1% at closing.
This includes all of the services offered in plan B except rather than the additional $500 being paid up front, you can pay the additional fee of 1% at time of closing. This plan would allow to list the property for a lesser up front fee or would allow for the additional services later if needed.
Plan D – 1.5% at closing.
This is a full services exclusive right to sell contract with no upfront fees. With acceptance and closing of the property, a 1.5% commission is payable at closing regardless of where the buyer came from.

Optional fees for assistance to any plan

$250 for additional fees in assistance of setting up listing to include:

  • Taking pictures of the property and use the best 25 for the listing. We give you the option to have us take the pictures or you can higher a professional photographer of your choice. Any charges by the photographer would be in addition to the $250 fee. Good pictures on the MLS listing are important in giving the potential buyer a great impression of your home.
  • We will assist you in taking room measurement.
  •  Assistance with the data input information sheets so they are complete and including highlights of your home’s best features. We want to be sure to include all the points about your home.
  • Go over any other forms that you may have questions about and assist in completion of them except for the sellers disclosure. We can explain the form but we can not assist you in telling you what to say.
  • We can go over staging ideas or other issues you may want to address.


A real estate transaction can be very complex and may require professional advice and assistance from either a licensed real estate broker or an attorney if you are not familiar with or do not understand the contract forms and addendums necessary to execute a sale. We are here to help you through the sales process but Real Estate Brokers are not permitted to give legal advice. If you need legal assistance contact the attorney of your choice.
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