You are getting ready to purchase a home but are you aware of your credit health or ability to qualify for a mortgage? The questions range from can you qualify for a mortgage or at what interest rate would you get with your mortgage. The better your credit situation, the better the rate and that can directly affect the payments you end up with which in turn can affect the amount of home you may qualify to purchase.

What can play a big part of your credit health is something called your FICO score. Your FICO score is a number computed based on many variables such as your payment history, amount of debt, length of credit history and other factors.  Understanding your FICO scores and what it means is the first step to knowing your credit health and ability to qualify for a mortgage.



So what is your FICO score? For some people this is a question we like to put off as long as possible but the sooner you know the better off you will be. You feel more comfortable or more secure about contacting a mortgage lender knowing what the FICO score is before you contact a mortgage lender. Once you decide to take a look, you may be happy to see your current credit situation will allow you to move forward with plans to purchase your dream home. On the other had maybe not or you may find out that you will not get as good an interest rate as you had hoped. This can cost you more money in your monthly payment and cause you to compromise on your dream home. The sooner you get the facts, the sooner you will know what if anything needs to be done so that you will be ready to move forward with a home purchase and get the best interest rate possible.

Fortunately, you can take quick and easy steps to find out what your credit health is and if necessary some strategies to improve your credit significantly. With Sentry Credit Reporting you can get a Free Credit Consultation now and understand the factors that are affecting your FICO score. If you find that your credit isn’t quit where you need it to be then they can design and implement a personalized approach for you to restore your credit health. If you do choose that route then be sure to let them know you were referred by Laura Dytko to get a special savings for my clients.


After you speak with a credit specialist and decide the right time to move forward with your home purchase, they have a group of preferred lenders to help you with your mortgage needs. With a variety of lending programs available to them, you can compare various options and choose what is right for you.


If concerns or uncertainty about your credit health is holding you back from your dream home, it does not need to any more.

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