The competative advantages you get when we
team up with our preferred lenders!

You have decided that you want to purchase a home so now you realize you need to look into a mortgage. For some that might bring on some anxieties but it doesn't have to. In fact the right lender can help you bring your A-game to the table. Once you have picked your dream home, our preferred lender can give your offer strength and give you the competitive edge you need to get your offer accepted.

*ON-Time Close Guarantee - to Seller! $1,000 On-Time close guarantee or lender pays SELLER $1,000Stand out & get your offer accepted!
*24 HR Pre-Underwritten Pre-approvals (once all docs are received).  This gives your offer better leverage with sellers because they don't have to worry about you going through the underwriting process and having the loan denied or delayed. You are only waiting for Final approval which is based on the sellers home not you.
*14 Day "Quick-Close" Loans w/Pre-Underwritten Borrower Pre-approval. This gives you the advantage of fast  closes that will make your offer more appealing to a seller because its almost as fast as a cash closing.


There are many types of loans. The right one for you depends on your goals and particular situation.

We work with our preferred lenders to give you a variety of options and advantages that you might not find elsewhere due to the flexibility in loan programs. This translates into better opportunities that you might not have even considered for buying and selling a home.

Buyers Advantages:

 Fast closings with offers that standout on top

 Financial assistance with 2% DPA/grant and 1% Down Payment

Challenged credit - think you can't get a loan, think again

 Make's sense loans

 Self employed programs

 203k - home Renovation money to update or buy a home that is in need of
repair. Avoid the multiple offer situations with homes others pass up.

 Raw Land

 Manifactured Homes

 New Construction1x/single close

Sellers Advantages:

 Have a home to sell but it's in need of repairs

 You need to sell your home but don't want to have to buy as a contingency
 You want to realize the full price potential of your home but like the convenience of moving first.
Many opportunistic offers to buy your home can  have you leaving a lot of your hard earned equity on the table.

Discover the advantages of working with a lender that can make you stand out from the crowd when you make an offer on the home of your dreams or help you to sell your home and make the process more smoothly.
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