Realtor cash rebates for new and pre-owned homes.



The future of real estate is here as buyers today have many tools at their fingertips. The role of a Real Estate agent for each individual buyer may vary depending on their level of knowledge and needs. With our approach, we give the buyer the opportunity to be actively involved in their home search thus saving time and money passing the savings on to the buyer. Many times you the buyer without your Realtor will get on the internet and research the cities, neighborhoods, and schools. When you know where you want to be, you can use our advanced home search tools to narrow in on the new homes offered by various home builders that are of the most interested to you. By previewing the area and homes with a simple drive by you can create a short list that is easy to manage. The benefit is a Cash Rebate to you the buyer. You can be sure that we will professionally provide you with quality and reliable Real Estate Services that you can count on.
How does the Cash Rebate Program work?
Our cash rebate program is designed to be as simple and straight forward as possible. For new built homes, it’s not based on who the builder is or where in Texas the house is located. It’s not dependent on if you have a home to sell, if your one of the first 10 for the month to sign up or on which lender you are using. However please keep in mind that your loan program may affect your rebate eligibility so we ask that you talk to your preferred lender about your rebate options. Our rebates are based on the commissions and or bonuses offered by the selling builder.




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What are the steps necessary for the Cash Rebate Program?
So that we may better assist you in your home search needs, please fill out a   Client Registration Form so that we can learn about what your looking for in a new home. For your convenience,  3 forms will be sent to you in a repley email when you complete and submit the Client Registration Form. You can also click each link to print the forms as well.
You will receive the Information About Brokerage Services. This is not a contract but a State required notice that gives information about how brokers work in Texas.ALL Licensed Texas Real Estate agents by law MUST provide this notice to members of the Public at their "FIRST CONTACT". You can click on the link and read it and print it for your records. When you register for your rebate we ask that you acknowledge that you have received this notice. 
In the case for new home buyers, print out a New Home Builders Client Registration Form that you must take with you on the first visit to each builder. We can represent new home buyers any where in the state but you must  register me as your agent. This is necessary to ensure you can receive your rebate. If we are not registered with the builder as your agent, they will not pay the commission and you will not get the rebate. In some cases the realtor must accompany the buyer at the first visit to the builder. In that case give us a call so we can make arraignments to meet you there.
To be eligible for the cash rebate program, buyers must print out and sign a     Buyers Representation Agreement and close a real estate property with Laura Dytko of Excalibur Luxury Properties as their exclusive agent. You can click on the link to view and print the contract. You will need to sign and email it back to us as this is our contract that ensures you get your cash rebate, this applies for resale and new home purchases. The Buyers must not be currently entered into a Buyes's Agency agreement with any other real estate agents or it must have been cancelled with written notice. 
Now you are ready to start your home search. Feel free to use our extensive home search tools in the New Home Builders Gallery as often as you like on our website to find your dream home as we are here to assist you through out the process.If you have any question dont hesitate to call. We are here to help.


What you should know about the Cash Rebate Program.
Rebates are given to the buyers as listed on the HUD1.
The rebate can be used for any purpose other than the down payment. It can be used as a credit at closing used for closing costs, upgrades, or to reduce the money needed at closing for things other than the down payment.
If you choose to take the rebate in cash, you will receive a check with 2 weeks of closing or the title companies may wire you the money after closing and funding if it is included on the HUD1.  If you choose to take cash after closing please consult a tax professional for any tax consequences that may occur as a result..  
Rebates will only be valid if Excalibur Luxury Properties actually receives a min 3% broker commission at close and funding of escrow, the final sales price of property to be $150,000 or greater.
This rebate program is only available where permitted under state and federal law and when not otherwise prohibited by the buyer's lender(s) and seller.
Offer subject to conditions, limitations, exclusions, modifications, and/or discontinuation without notice.